Curriculum Vitae

Matthias Kindler holds an M.B.A. from The University of Georgia, USA, where he received a full scholarship from the German Government and finished in the top of his class.

Matthias started his professional career at Apple and later joined audio and video legend Bang & Olufsen for a two week performance (please ask him for the entertaining details of this story). At Philip Morris, he was in charge of a brand family that generated sales in the nine digits.

In 1994 he founded THE KINDLER COMPANY, an agency specializing in strategic brand consulting. Four years later THE EVENT COMPANY and in 2000 THE PROMOTION COMPANY complemented the range of service with special events, sales promotions and public relations. These agencies, later known as THE COMPANIES, have for many years shaped the industry and raised the bar for creativity. In 2005 they were named number 1 in creativity in Germany and occupied top creative positions for many years.

Together with his long time business partner Tobias Wannieck, Matthias won 50 awards for excellency and creativity. His work was awarded nationally and internationally among others at Cannes Lions International, New York Festivals, Art Directors Clubs of Germany and of Europe, US awards Ex, Gala and Corporate Event Award CEA.

For many years, Matthias was involved in the industry, establishing special events as a discipline in the creative community. He served on the boards of the German Art Directors Club and The ADC of Europe for almost a decade.

Over 300 articles and seven television pieces have been published about Matthias and his projects.

Today, Matthias works as a consultant and has trained and qualified more than 2.000 event professionals from 200 companies in his Masterclass Event & Marketing.

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